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PPM Specialist Works Limited

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        Unless stated to the contrary the following will apply :

  •  Any reference to left, right, front and back is made from outside the property facing the front elevation.

  • Where we are issuing a guarantee this is conditional upon receipt of payment in full and the guarantee does not cover the survey report.

  • Where unforeseeable additional works are necessary before we can issue a guarantee we reserve the right to claim extra payment

  • All roofing will be carried out to existing falls.

  • Where replastering is in excess of 25 mm thick we reserve the right to an additional charge for dubbing out at £4.00 per sq. metre for each additional 5 mm thickness.

  • When carrying out structural works we are required to submit a Building Notice to the Building Inspecator. Should he require any work to be carried out which is not allows for in our quotation this could involve additional costs.

  • Where ceiling plaster is in poor condition we cannot accept responsibility for damage or staining which may result from timber treatment or roof works.

  • Payment to be in full within 7 days of completion of the works.  We charge interest on all overdue accounts at HSBC rate + 5%.  Where costs exceed £4,000.00 we reserve the right to submit invoices at fortnightly intervals.

  •  All our quoted prices are subject to the addition of VAT at the current rate.

  • All our quoted prices are subject to the addition of VAT at the current rate.

  • Our quotations remain open for acceptance for 3 months after which time any changes will be influenced by labour and material prices and our current work load.

  • Where we agree to carry out works on certain dates, and due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to meet these dates, we cannot be held liable for our client’s losses or inconvenience.

  •  Our quotation assumes that a water and electricity supply will be provided by our client at no costs to ours elves.

  • Where a building is not constructed in accordance with generally accepted methods, and this necessitates unforeseen costs, we reserve the right to claim extra payment.

  • Where only a part of a quotation is accepted this can affect the remaining prices.

  • Where we have to lift floor coverings and move furniture we cannot accept liability for any damage and our quotation does not allow for reinstatement.

  • Materials on site remain the property of ourselves until our account is settled.

  • Any delays not directly attributable to ourselves or additional work will be charged at the rate of £18.00 per man hour.

  • We may request a 30% deposit with an order for a contract over £1,000.00, particularly for new clients.